Email Address

To make your online application please type in your email address in the space provided 'Email Address' and press enter. This will take you to the next stage where you will be able to enter your personal information. If you are unsure of any information please input N/A = Not Available and update it when it becomes available. Please continue to use the same email address to update your personal information.

Below is a list of steps we would like you to follow to make your application official.

We thank you for making an application and look forward to meeting you on arrival!
1. Apply online
2.Send the Application Materials to
 < Application Materials >
  ① A copy of passport information page
  ② Proof of health insurance - you can also purchase upon arrival
  ③ Personal introduction - required for EV only
 < Email Address >
Send ①③ to
3. Receive confirmed admissions by email and check the invoiced amount
4. Select AP Course(Applicant only)
5. Pay the tuition and fees
 < Wire Transfer >
  Name of the bank: Woori Bank
  Bank address: 126 Jukjeondong, Sujigu, Yonginsi, Gyeonggido, Korea (pc. 448-701)
  Account Number: 1081-200-425879
  Receiver: Lee Byoung Min
  Swift Code: HVBKKRSE
  ** Sender's name should be the applicant's name
  ** Bank transaction fees are to be paid by applicants. Any outstanding fees will be
   paid by the applicant upon arrival.
 < Checks >
  Bank checks, Cashier's checks, Bank/International Money orders must be made payable to
  "Dankook University". Personal checks are not allowed.

6. Prepare for a great time at DANKOOK UNIVERSITY!!